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Hi, Friends, here you can read amazing facts. Did you know facts about the world.

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Amazing Facts

( 1 ) John Harrison has a job of testing ice cream. He has tested samples of over 200 million gallons of ice cream and his test buds are insured for 1$ Million.


( 2 ) The longest mathematical proof is 15,000 pages long, involved more than 100 mathematicians, and took 30 years just to complete it.

( 3 ) Seven / 7 foot Bolaji Badejo, a Nigerian design student and one time actor, wearing his costume from the now classic Sci-Fi thriller, Alien 1978.


( 4 ) Oppo Ex-Vice President Pete Lau left the company to start his own company. Today that company is called OnePlus.

( 5 ) Normally a mouse wheel scroll goes vertically up and down. But does anyone knows it moves left and right too? If you hold the shift key and scroll the wheel it goes horizontally.

( 6 ) Shayaam Upadhyay, the only advocate in the world who fights legal cases in Sanskrit. He Did BA LLB in Sanskrit and also wrote 60 novels in Sanskrit.

( 7 ) An artist carved a giant hand out of a tree damaged by lightning.


Did You Know

( 8 ) Lionel Messi’s legs insurance worth 6732 crore Indian Rupees.
Net worth of worlds richest cricketer Virat Kohli is around 900 crore.

( 9 ) A group of flat earthers spent $20,000/- on a laser gyroscope in an attempt to prove that the Earth does not rotate. Instead, the laser actually picked up a drift, showing that the Earth does rotate. This pretty much proved the exact opposite of their theory.

( 10 ) In 1980, A 62-year-old man, Robinson, with impaired vision and hearing got struck by lightning.
When he woke up the next day, he could see and hear fine.

( 11 ) Two skeletons, a woman clutching a child to her chest preserved in a mud-flow in Tibet for 4000 years.

did you know

( 12 ) In 2007, a man in Florida woke up with a severe headache. When he went to the hospital, they found a bullet in his head it turned out that his wife had shot him in the head while he was sleeping.

( 13 ) Martin Laurello was also known as the human Owl.
He was born with the ability to turn his head a full 180 Degree.

( 14 ) An Art Collector once paid $10,000/- for A “Non-Visible” sculpture created by Actor James Franco.
The artwork was billed as an “Endless Tank Of Oxygen.” Um, yeah…It’s called Air.

( 15 ) Women mature faster than men, that’s why most women are more attracted to men who are older in age to them.

Hey Dearies… it’s so difficult to write down about our own self, Words disappear, Thoughts wander, Memories revolve, Abilities wonder! The same happened to me when I thought of writing this ‘Who am I?’ Where did I emerge from? How I struggled and what is the reason I am surviving? The answer to all these questions was ‘I AM MYSTERIOUS!’ Yes, I am. I am certainly not an open book where anyone from anywhere can come, take out any page, read and be judgemental about me.

I am like a Mystery Book which needs thorough reading from start to end. The full stops, commas, exclamations in fact all my punctuation has a meaning, which needs to be decoded. A few of my features also run in between the lines. Yes, cause I often go off the track not because I am undisciplined, but because I do not believe in boundaries. I started with a Null set. In fact, I was So’Nal’ I was a dumbass who had nothing in her but emptiness.

I thought I am good for nothing, I know nothing, as I have nothing. But this emptiness slowly and steadily started converting into a boon. I began absorbing everything everywhere without hesitation, without shame. And surprisingly I had no upper limit so knowledge from all fields and up to any degree could be easily included. But a revolution happened when my Expressions started converting into Words, my Experiences started becoming Poetic and my Journey started routing into Blogs! Soon writing became a passion for me where the past was unfolded, the present was folded in and the future got manifolded!

I started being Prachu, one who has the ‘swarm the accent in her language, one who has all the musical tones in her wordings! I know very well that I am not an accomplished writer, but I am emerging, I am evolving both as a Human and as a Writer. To date, the travel was adventurous yet exciting and now with you all as co-travelers, the journey is going to be marvelous and super-fascinating! So Bon Voyage! Let’s celebrate the journey amidst greenery and blossoms, overcome all hurdles and set new milestones together!
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